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Game Guide: The Apprentice
Table of Contents

1 Program Structure
1 Main Options Menu
2 Levels
3 Controlling Marvin
4 Coins and Bonuses

2 Gamepath
1. Level 1 - The Medieval Tower (Sunday 8th June, 893)
2. Level 2 - The Well Level (Monday 9th June 893)
3. Level 3 - The High Tech Level (Tuesday 10th June 893)
4. Level 4 - The Ice Level (Wednesday 11th June 893)
5. Level 5 - The Deserted Tower (Thursday 12th June 893)
6. Level 6 - The Toy Tower (Friday 13th June 893)
1 Program Structure

1.1 Main Options Menu

Move Marvins wand to point at the option that you wish to select and press button 1 on your controller. The options offered are:

  • New Game Start a new game from level 1.
  • Saved Game Start a game from the highest stage you have previously reached.
  • SoundFx If you have a DV cartridge then you can change this between On and Off, otherwise it will show N/A.
  • Highscores View the top scores on Apprentice.
  • Exit Game View the credits before exiting to the player shell.

If you do nothing on this screen it will automatically cycle through a demo of the first few stages of the Apprentice. You can interrupt the demos and return to the menu by pressing a button on the controller.

1.2 Levels

The game is made up of 6 levels. Each level has 3 stages. Marvin has 10 minutes to complete each stage. After he has completed all 3 stages in a level he has to face the Level Boss in order to complete the task that GSW set for him.

After you have completed the end boss for each level (except level 6) you will get a bonus level.

This plays just like the other levels except that you have no weapon and you cannot get killed. Just collect as many coins as you can and as many of the M A G I C markers as you can within the one minute time limit and reach the FINISH marker.

You will receive a bonus dependent on how many coins you have. If you manage to collect all the MAGIC markers you will get an extra life.

Marvins reward for all this hard work is his bed. At the end of the day he can retire to his mattress under the kitchen sink and get some well earned rest.

1.3 Controlling Marvin

Marvin has three different playing modes in this game, Walking (level 1,3,4,5), Swimming (level 2) and flying (level 6). The controls for each of these are as follows.

  • Walking Move the left and right using the left and right directions on your controller. Use button 1 to make him jump.
  • Swimming Swim up, down, left or right using the appropriate direction on the controller.
  • Flying Walk / Fly left and right using the left and right directions on your controller. Fly upwards by pressing button 1. If you release button 1 while Marvin is in the air he will start to drift downwards.

On every level Marvin has a different weapon. These are always accessed using button 2. Control specifics are included in the level descriptions.

1.4 Coins and Bonuses

When you start the game and indeed whichever stage you start on you will find yourself in front of a flagpole complete with a little fluttering flag. This is known as a restart point. Throughout each stage in the game flagpoles are scattered and if you touch one of them a little flag will rise up the pole. From that point on if you die you will return to the this flag to start again.

You have a total of exactly 10 minutes to complete each stage. If you should run out of time then you will lose a life and be sent back to the last flag that you touched. The faster you finish a stage the larger the bonus you get.

On every stage you will see lots of spinning gold coins. Collect as many of these as you can. Not only do they give you 100 points immediately but the more of these that you can finish a stage with the larger your bonus for that level will be.

You will also find some extra bonuses scattered around the stages, these very in value from 100 points to 1000 points and they can take the form of almost anything from an apple to a joystick.

On top of that lot there are also a number of special bonuses that do specific things:

  • An Angel - This little guy flutters around on the screen and if you touch him he will suddenly gain a purpose to his life and begin fluttering around your head instead. He will protect you from 1 and only 1 hit from an enemy. After that he will be off to help some other poor soul. If however you manage to complete a stage with him still fluttering around your head then you'll get an extra ANGEL BONUS!!
  • Gold Bag - This can easily be spotted. Its a bag with 10x written on it. It's worth 1000 points and it contains 10 gold coins!
  • Alarm Clock - This is a time extend bonus and it allows you one extra minute to complete the stage.
  • Invincibility - This is a little set of twinkling stars that you might see somewhere on a stage. If you touch them, then for a period of about 30 seconds (the exact time depends on the level) you will be enveloped in stars and during this time you are completely invincible, the only thing that can kill you is if you run out of time.

Many stages of the game contain moving platforms as well. These move in a set pattern around the level and you can use them to move across gaps that are to large to jump across. Jumping on to a moving platform is simply a matter of good timing. The best thing that you can do as a novice is pick a moving platform in a non dangerous place and jump on and off it a few times just until you get used to timing your jumps properly.

2 Gamepath

2.1 Level 1 - The Medieval Tower (Sunday 8th June, 893)

GSW has decided that he is going to do some sorcery research into a new area of magic and for this he needs a book called "Crystal Ball Gazing and Associated Pastimes Volume I". You have to climb to the library at the top of the Medieval tower to get it.

Left and right on the control pad moves Marvin in the appropriate direction.

  • Button 1 will make him jump.
  • Button 2 fires his weapon which on this level is a wand which fires fireballs. The fireballs will be launched from the end of the wand in the direction that Marvin is currently facing.

The best thing to do when you first start playing this game is to jump around a bit and fire you weapon this will give you a good idea about how the game operates, how fast you can fire, how far you can jump etc.

Not every enemy on this or any level can be killed and most of them take more than one hit before they cease to be a nuisance.

Apart from shooting enemies you can also bounce on them. This can be achieved by jumping on them from above. You must be heading in a downward direction to kill an enemy like this. It takes the same number of bounces as shots from the weapon to kill an enemy.

The Level 1 enemies are, roughly in order of appearance:-

The Joker

This little guy bounces around on a pogo stick, it takes 2 hits to kill him. Its best to try and shoot him from a distance. he's quite hard to kill be jumping on since he's actually bigger than you are and thus difficult to jump on top of!

Dripping Acid

This is quite hard to spot so be careful. It looks like a little green blob that will be attached to the bottom of a platform. Every few seconds a dip will fall from the blob and splash onto the platform beneath. The dripping acid is not affected by any weapons. It is quite easy to avoid once you know its there so just look carefully at all platforms before you walk under them.

The Gargoyle

This is a stone gargoyle who is attached to the walls around the medieval tower and periodically he shoots out fire from his mouth. The time between and two fiery breaths is always the same so just watch him and pick your moment well. This enemy is indestructible but you can stand on his head if you like!

The Axe

This is a swinging axe blade. Its fixed onto many platforms. It is also a periodic enemy so just watch it carefully before you try to walk past it. This enemy is also indestructible and I definitely would not recommend standing on it!

The Cannon

This is perhaps the most dangerous enemy on the level. It fires a small cannon ball that bounces around the platforms in a way that is most awkward to avoid. The cannon ball can be destroyed with 1 hit, that is, if you can actually hit it. The cannon itself takes 3 hits to destroy. The best technique for destroying it is to stand as far away as possible and get an idea of where its cannon balls bounce when it fires.

The Hobbyhorse

This little guys sleeps quietly on a platforms complete with his lance carrying rider. If however you should jump on to his platform he will charge you at high speed. He takes 3 hits to destroy but be careful that he does not charge into you while you are trying to kill him. The best tactic might be to try bouncing on top of him when he gets close.

Other major elements of this level are:-

Destructible walls

These are fairly easily spotted since they are a bit cracked and old looking. If you shoot them 3 times they will collapse and allow you to pass.


These are impassable except with the right color of key. You can tell which color key you need by the color of the lock on the door. If you have the right key (indicated in the score panel at the top of the screen) then the door will automatically open.

End of stage marker

On this level its a woman who looks sort of like the statue of liberty. She is holding a flag pole and if you touch her a flag will rise up the pole and the stage will be complete.

Well if you manage to get passed all that lot then you are ready to face THE END BOSS!!!

The End Boss

The end boss for the first level is a large sword wielding knight. He is made up of lots of different body parts and as you shoot him different bits of his body will gradually fall off.

He protects himself by firing bolts of lightening from his eyes, and hard metal objects from his foot and torso. Contact with any of these is fatal. He'll also swipe at you with his sword but providing you keep your distance this should not present to many problems. Also protecting the knights are some enchanted books that periodically move along the bookcase towards you. These cannot be destroyed so if they are heading at you then RUN!

The best way of completing this end boss is to just be careful. Keep shooting him as much as possible but don't bother continually shooting at his sword arm. He uses this to protect himself. You don't have to shoot only at his foot in order to make it fall off. Bits of him are destroyed according to the number of hits that he as a whole takes not any part of his body. You'll know when you are doing OK because he will turn to look at you as part of his body disintegrates.

2.2 Level 2 - The Well Level (Monday 9th June 893)

The aim of this level is to fetch the book (the same one that you spent all of the last level fetching from the library) from the bottom of the well where you carelessly knocked it.

While cleaning the castle you move the book that you spent so much time fetching yesterday, onto the rim of the well. However the Wizard chooses this particular morning to make a rather dramatic entrance and in your fright you manage to knock the book into the well. GSW is not impressed and in his fury he decides that you must recover the book immediately. To aid you in your task he kindly turns you into a frog and then dumps you into the well. Mentioning something about not bothering to come back until you find the book and by the way look out for the ....... but unfortunately you don't hear since by this time you are submerged.

This level takes place underwater. The Wizard has turned you into a frog so at least you won't have any trouble swimming.

The controls for this level are completely different to the first level. Moving the controller up, down, left or right will move you in the appropriate direction. The action buttons both activate the weapon on this level.

This levels weapon is your tongue which is shaped like a fist. (the wizards frog transformation spell is not quite perfected yet). This weapon has a very limited range so you have to get quite close to enemies if you want to kill them with it.

The level 2 enemies are:

The Snail

This guy moves slowly up and down platforms or walls. When he reachs the end of the surface he just turns around and goes back. Two hits are required to kill him. Best tactics when confronted with the snail are to kill him as quickly as possible. Although he moves slowly he can get in the way if you don't dispose of him when you first see him.

Jumping Barrel

This thing behaves exactly the same as the joker in the previous level. He just jumps along platforms and generally gets in the way. It takes 2 hits to kill him.


This is a large pink shark that swims rapidly back and forth across the screen. He can move in either a horizontal or a diagonal direction. He takes 2 hits to kill. Very often there will be an area of the screen that he won't swim. The best technique for getting around him is to sit and watch where he swims and then move into a safe area and dispose of him from there. It is possible to swim directly into his path and kill him with two quick punches, but I would only recommend trying this when you have mastered the controls well.

Toxic Acid barrels

This looks exactly like the jumping barrel except that it remains stationary on the level and occasionally emits an bubble of acid. It takes 2 hits to kill it and 1 hit to kill any of its bubbles. Best tactics, DON'T SWIM OVER IT WHEN ITS EMITTING ACID!

Sludge Suck Sling Slug (tm)

This bloke looks a bit weird. He sits on the end of a platform and sucking up the various poisons and nasty things in the water of the well and then he lobs them at you. He need 3 hits to be destroyed. Best killed by waiting until he begins sucking up sludge and then quickly hit him.


These are emitted from the pirate ships that can sometimes be seen on the level. They emerge with stunning regularity so are easily avoided. They cannot however be destroyed so time it carefully.

Other items of interest on this level are:-


On this level these are actually Whales. The emit a spout of magic water which prevents you from going passed. The water is different colors depending on which key you need.


The Keys are small fish that swim around. If you pick up the correctly colored fish and feed it to the whale then the water spout will disappear and you can go past.

Destructible walls

Destructible walls also appear in this level. They look exactly the same as those on level 1 and also take 3 hits before they disintegrate.

End of stage marker

On this level its a duck with a flagpole protruding from its bill. He'll quack if you touch him though.

End Boss

This is a large octopus sitting in a bucket. He has 4 tentacles which extend from holes in the bucket and also from the top of the bucket. You must destroy these tentacles in order to defeat the octopus. Each tentacle requires 10 punches before it will collapse defeated against the bucket.

Also protecting the octopus is a large crab who runs back and forth across the screen. He fires large spinning fishbones which you have to avoid at all costs. These fishbones can be destroyed with a single punch but the best tactic is to just try and avoid them. You are more likely to get killed if you try and destroy them. The crab cannot be hurt by punching so don't even try it.

There are two spaces on the screen at the very top left and right of the screen where you can sit without any danger of being hurt by anything. You can use these spaces to sit and pick your time for attacking the tentacles.

2.3 Level 3 - The High Tech Level (Tuesday 10th June 893)

The object of this level is to find and rescue Snuffles the cat who has disappeared into this tower.

The Wizards cat, "Snuffles", has had a small accident while playing in the Laboratory. The cat was playing with the crystal ball under the misapprehension that it was actually a ball of wool (like we said, he is pretty dumb). At a certain point he jumped on top of the crystal ball and disappeared. GSW asks you to find and return his beloved Snuffles. Well, actually he grabs you by the collar and says "fetch my feline, apprentice" and then smashes the crystal ball over your head at which point you disappear as well.

The controls for Marvin are exactly the same as level 1. The weapon is different though. On this level it is a bouncing ball. When you press button 2 Marvin will throw a ball which will bounce around for a couple of seconds before exploding. The ball behaves exactly like you would expect a rubber ball to behave so it is possible to throw the ball onto a lower platform to kill and enemy there. Thus it is a very powerful weapon.

Enemies for this level are as follows:

Jet powered snail

Exactly like the snails on level 2. He also takes 2 hits to destroy. Just be careful of him and try and get rid f it before you step onto the same platform.


This guy looks like ET and he walks quite slowly back and forth along platforms. He can also walk on diagonal platforms so he is a bit more difficult to hit. He takes 3 hits to destroy so be careful that you don't stand too close to him when you are trying to destroy him.


If you look carefully at the walls at the edges of the play area you will sometimes see some holes. When you are vertically on the same level as these holes a rocket will fire across the screen. They take 1 hit to destroy but they move fast so be careful. At some points in the map you actually have to jump and bounce on the rockets in order to be able to get on a higher platform so you'll have to get used to timing this quite carefully.

Green Blob

This is a most annoying enemy. It jumps around in a similar way to the joker on the first level. Unfortunately it wants to be close to you and it will always try and get onto the same horizontal position as you. So if you are left of it, then it will jump left .... etc. It can be destroyed with 2 hits.

Red blob

This looks exactly like the green blob, except that its red (amazing huh!) It jumps up and down in statically in one position. It cannot be killed though so you have to be very careful when you jump passed it.


These are attached to overhanging platforms. They can fire in one of 3 directions, Left, right or Down. In the left and right directions it fires screwdrivers which are indestructible, you can however bounce on top of these without being killed. Downwards it fires a laser bolt. These move quite fast and are lethal so be careful.

Other objects of interest are:


This level has pipes in it through which Marvin can travel. Pipes can be entered from two directions, up and down. If you find a pipe entrance (it looks like a vacuum cleaner head) go and stand under it or on it and then press up or down on the control pad, you will be automatically sucked into the pipe. During the time you are in the pipe you have no control over Marvin, you just have to sit and wait until you get shot out of the other end. You can use this time to study the parts of the level that you are moving through. Be careful when you get shot out of the pipe, the action get started immediately again so you might find yourself in an awkward situation.


There are no doors on this level, instead you have teleporters. You need to collect colored keys to be able to use the teleporter. You can see which key you need for a particular teleporter by looking at the color of the box on the top half of it. Once you have collected a key of a particular color you can then use teleporters of that color for the whole of the rest of the stage. The keys are T shaped and jump up and down on a platform waiting to be picked up.


These are a red and sit on platforms. If you jump on top of one it will spring open catapulting you high into the air. They are very useful for reaching distant platforms.

End of stage marker

The end of stage marker on this level is a robot with a flagpole sticking out of his head.

End Boss

The big end nasty for this level is Snuffles the cat who has been artificially enhanced by the occupants of the tower and is bent on your destruction. You have to knock some sense back into him by bouncing or shooting him in the head. It takes about 25 hits on the head before Snuffles will revert to his normal loveable self.

Protecting Snuffles are some cannonballs which get shot out of the cabinet in which he is sitting. They bounce around for a while before coming to rest. At this point they get up and start walking around. If you shoot a walking cannonball a couple of times he will start burning and then explode. This produces fragments which you should avoid at all costs since they are not too good for your health.

Also some very fast moving rockets periodically fly across the top half of the screen. They are indestructible and very dangerous.

The best way of finishing this boss is to go and stand on one of the highest platforms overlooking Snuffles the cat and fire exploding balls continuously at his head. Up here you are out of range of the bouncing cannonballs. However you will have to keep a careful lookout for the rockets and also fragments from exploding cannonballs. Don't start firing balls after a rocket has appeared. You will most likely not be able to get out of the way in time. Only fire at the cat when you are sure that you are not in danger.

2.4 Level 4 - The Ice Level (Wednesday 11th June 893)

The object of this level is to get some icecubes for GSW's glass of Glenwilly Whiskey.

SW is a wizard ahead of his time. He has converted one of his castle towers into a refrigerator, complete with a freezer compartment. Today he decides that he wants to spend his time in front of the fire. He orders you to get a glass of his favourite Glen Willy Whisky, WITH ICE. The Whisky is easy, but the ice!!!. A trip to the freezer compartment of the arctic tower is needed.

The controls for this level are also the same as those for levels 1 & 3. However this is an ice level and so all the platforms are icy. That means that if you stop walking you will not come to a complete stop immediately, you'll find that you will slide a little way before coming to rest. This makes landing on narrow platforms quite difficult and turning around is also a problem. To begin with this can be very annoying but you will get used to the way that Marvin moves on this level.

Some ways to make it easier are don't move the controller left or right when you are landing after a jump, this will stop Marvin sliding around when he hits the ground. Try and be as precise as possible when you are jumping, the best thing to do is to try and keep moving. Since coming to rest is a bit awkward, just keep jumping around!

The weapon for this level is a water pistol. You can use it by pressing button 2 as in other levels. The water droplet heads horizontally for a while before gravity takes over and begins it to fall towards the floor. This means that it has a limited range but it is possible to kill enemies who are at a lower vertical position on screen than you are.

Enemies for this level are as follows:


This behaves exactly like the green blobs on level 3. It will always try and get onto the same horizontal position as you. The rabbit also takes 2 hits to kill it.


This behaves the same as the alien from level 3. It takes 3 hits until becoming frozen and then disintegrating. He also can walk on diagonal platforms.

Snow slingers

There are 2 types of these things, wall mounted and ground mounted. The wall mounted variety fire large snowballs horizontal across the screen. These snowballs can be destroyed with a single blast. The ground mounted slingers fire a spread of 4 small snowballs into the air. These quickly plummet back to the ground destroying anything nearby. The best technique for these things is to try and destroy them from above. Bouncing on them is not advisable since you are more than likely to find yourself with snow where the sun don't shine. All type of snow slingers take two hits before they are destroyed.


These are like the hobbyhorses from level 1. They only attack you if you are on the same vertical level that they are on. They need three hits to be killed. Bouncing on them is often the simplest idea and certainly the most fun.


These are like the snails that have appeared in the previous levels. They are not particularly fast moving but they can get in the way sometimes. They need two hits.


These are some of the most annoying things in the whole game. They are shot out from little funnels attached to the walls at the edge of the screen. They role along the platforms gradually picking up more snow. They speed up when they role down slopes and the will only disintegrate when they come to a complete rest. The cannot be destroyed either (just to add to the fun!) The best thing that you can do is to try and find somewhere safe to stand and watch for a pattern in their movement. Then pick your moment carefully, good luck 'cos your going to need it with these things.

Other interesting stuff:


Very different on this level. Here they are actually fire hydrants that sit on a platform. Next to them you will find a large and uncrossable gap. If you collect a spanner of the same color as indicated on the hydrant then they will release a spout of water that will freeze to form a crossing over the gap.


These are a special type of platform that if you step jump onto them they will bounce you straight off again. The cloud will disappear for a few seconds.

Stage clear flag

This time it's a snowman holding a flagpole.

End Boss

This time its a large Walrus. You cannot possibly miss him. He sits on the far right of the screen and scoops snow at you with his paw. Occasionally he'll bang his tail on the ground, this will dislodge a Stalactite which will drop from the ceiling crushing you if you happen to be underneath it.

The technique for defeating him is quite simple but you just have to be very careful.

He needs to get shot about 30 odd time with your water pistol. The more you shoot him the colder and bluer he will get. Go and stand on the bottom level of the screen and fire directly at him as fast as you can. As soon as you see his front paw move run leftwards. The snow ball that he scoops will always role along the same platform that you are on. So once he has fired change platform and you won't get hit. Then just go back to what you were doing before. Using this method you'll freeze him completely and finish the level.

2.5 Level 5 - The Deserted Tower (Thursday 12th June 893)

On this level you have to rescue Gandorf's pet raven, Randalph from the clutches of a domineering female raven.

GSW's pet raven Randalph answers the call of nature when a pretty female raven beckons to him from the top of the castles deserted tower. But, judging from the forlorn cries and squawks that can regularly be heard from the tower, all is not going well in this idyllic love affair. The Wizard charges you with the recovery of his beloved pet before something terrible befalls him.

Controls for Marvin are exactly the same as levels 1 & 3. The weapon is of course different again though.

On this level you are equipped with a bow and arrow. Press and hold button 2. Marvin will draw back his bow. You can now aim the arrow as well. If you press up on the control pad he will fire the arrow diagonally upwards, down and he will fire diagonally downwards, no movement and he will fire horizontally. When you release button 2 Marvin will let fly with an arrow.

This weapon is quite powerful as well. If you are in a situation on this level where you think that it is impossible to pass an enemy then remember that you can fire diagonally! Often this will give you a solution to the puzzle.

Enemies for this level are:

Wind up rat

This little dude behaves like the snails on previous except that he gets a bit annoyed if you invade his platform and he will suddenly stop moving slowly up and down his platform and start moving at a fair old rate so look out. Bouncing him to death is probably the best technique, but don't get caught out by his sudden speed increase. He takes 2 hits to kill.


This little guys are buried in platforms. They occasionally dig out of the platforms and squirm along for a while before burrowing back into the platforms. They cannot be killed though so the best way of avoiding them is to actually wait until they are moving along the platform and then run up behind them, when they burrow back into a platform you have a couple of seconds before another one will appear. Use this time to get off the platform.


These are what we call spline enemies. They follow a set path and move in a similar way to the platforms but I wouldn't try walking on these! They take three shots to kill. Just remember that you can fire diagonally, nuff said!

Monks and homing fireballs

This is quite a nasty enemy. The monk is a cloaked figure who stand on the edge of the screen. He regularly throws a particularly offensive type of fireball which homes in on you. The monk takes 2 hits to die. The fireballs are indestructible but they will explode of their own accord after a few seconds. Best technique is avoidance at all costs. Just try and run past as quickly as possible. Remember that at their top speed the fireballs only move the same speed as you, so if you start ahead of them you can stay ahead of them.


These are blobs of lava that orbit a particular type of stone platform. They go both clockwise and anticlockwise around the platforms the speed is always constant so it shouldn't be too difficult to pick a suitable time to jump on the platform. Alas these cannot be destroyed or effected in any way. You also cannot bounce off them so don't try that either!

Psycho Dimos

A refugee from another SPC title. This axe wielding maniac runs screaming up and down a platform. He behaves the same as the aliens in level 3 except that he moves much faster. It takes three hits to destroy him. I would strongly advise against standing on the same platform as one of these. Always try to destroy it before you get too near. They are very dangerous.


Scattered around the stages of level 5 you will see tree stumps. These periodically throw out spinning bones that bounce around for a while. The bones only explode when they come to a complete stop. The bones can be destroyed with one hit but I wouldn't advise trying to destroy the bones as a strategy for getting passed the trees. They best technique is to just stand somewhere that appears safe and then time you run past the tree. The best time to attempt a run is when it throws a bone out in the opposite direction from where you are standing.

Just to add to your problems this level is full of lava. Its burning hot and deadly to the touch. The only way to get though lava is if you have picked up an invincibility bonus. But be very careful that the bonus does not run out while you are standing in the lava. This is definitely not advisable!!

End of stage marker

On this level end of stage is marked by a large skull with a pole sticking out of the top. Touch this and its all over!!

End Boss

This end boss is a large female raven sitting in her nest under the big bell. You have to make the bell drop permanently on top of the raven. This can be accomplished by shooting at the rope that holds up the bell. The more you hit the rope the more frayed it will get until eventually it snaps.

Nothing is gained (except perhaps satisfaction) by shooting the raven or the bell. Only the rope is vulnerable.

Sometimes the raven will pull out a large hammer a bang the bell. The resulting noise disturbs a bat which also live up here at the top of the tower. It will fly mindlessly around the screen and is best avoided since it will kill you if you touch it!

On the right side of the screen you will see three platforms which oscillate up and down. You can stand on these in order to get a better shot at the rope. But look out for the spider who moves up and down above these platforms. He is dangerous as well.

Not actually a very hard end monster this. You should be able to finish it fairly easier once you figure out how everything moves.

2.6 Level 6 - The Toy Tower (Friday 13th June 893)

This is the hardest level of them all. In it you have to climb to the top of the toy tower to collect GSW's teddy bear.

Its Friday the 13th and contrary to popular belief Wizards don't really like this particular day. In fact Gandorf is scared rigid and he wants his teddy. You have to go and fetch it from the top of the toy tower. Unfortunately, because this is a wizards castle, all of the toys are enchanted and the last thing that they want is to be played with by the wizard, so mind your step.

Controls for Marvin on this level are a bit different. The weapon for the level is a laser gun embedded into a very special helmet. This helmet allows you to fly. The weapon can be fired with button 2. The helmet has a rotor blade attached to it. when you press button 1 the rotor will start to spin and you will begin to drift upwards. If you let go of the button Marvin will begin to drop back to earth quite slowly. It is possible, with some practice, to hover nearly motionless in the air. I strongly advise that you learn to do this as some of the puzzles require it.

Enemies for this level:


These behave exactly like the ghosts on the previous level. They follow a set pattern and can be destroyed with two hits.


There are two types of these. Some wobble up and down in a fixed position on the screen. Others actually move around in a set pattern a little like the wasps. They have two things in commonthough, both types are lethal and indestructible.

Killer raccoon

This friendly little woodland creature knocks fast moving balls at you with his tail. In some ways he's kind of similar to the cannon in level 1, except that his balls are bigger and they move faster. The raccoon takes three shots to kill. Best technique for getting past him is to hover somewhere out of range of his balls and watcth trhe pattern they move in (its always the same).


As you move up the level you will see large holes in the walls. Planes Fly out of these and you would be well advised to avoid them since they are lethal and indestructible. Just time your run past them and it should all be ok.


These little spring guys wander back and forth along platforms, occasionally they stop to think about jumping to a different platform. These are not particularly dangerous but they can get in the way a lot. They take three shots to kill.


These trundle up and down platforms and if they see you. ie you pass in front of their eyes, then they will fire an extremely fast moving tank shell at you. Do your best to avoid them firing at you as the shell is very fast. Hover vertically below there positions and kill them before trying to fly onto the same horizontal level. This will take some practice but it is the easiest way.

Other interesting stuff:


Doors on this level are large silly looking dinosaurs. You can tell which color key you need to open the dino door by the color of the necklace he is wearing. If you then present him with the appropriate Oscar (key!?!) he will lower his head and let you pass.

End of Stage Marker

On this level the end of stage marker is a tall woman holding a sign saying 'Babe' in one side and holding a flag pole in the other.

End Boss (See above)

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