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Information Page: Who Shot Johnny Rock?
Game TitlePublisherProducerCD-i ConversionDateGenreRequirementsCD-i Emulator Compatibility
Who Shot Johnny Rock?Philips MediaAmerican Laser Games Inc.CapDisc1995Full Motion Video ShooterDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC (Not Supported Yet)

Game Cover
Catalogue Numbers:
8100285 (European)
Box Art:
European Front Cover
European Back Cover
European Picture CD
Movie Clip:
CD-online Promotion

From the Disc

Most CD-i Games have "Abstract", "Bibliographic" and "Copyright" details on the softwares disc itself, any interesting information in these files can be found below.

Abstract: "Who Shot Johnny Rock" is a full motion, digital video, arcade style game in which someone has killed popular singer Johnny Rock and his girlfriend charges the player with uncovering the culprit. The killer's trail leads the player to a variety of sites, including a pool hall, a warehouse, a casino, and a garage, in this action-packed gangster "who-done-it" set in the 1930's. In each of these locations the player is challenged to gun duels with gangsters armed with Tommy Guns and other lethal weapons. Clues provided by the player's secretary and coerced from shady characters encountered in the game give the combination of the late Johnny Rock's safe. Hidden inside it is the final clue leading to the identity of the killer.

Bibliographic: Produced by American Laser Games, Capitol Multimedia, Inc., and Philips Interactive Media

Copyright: (c) 1994 American Laser Games, (c) 1995 Philips Interactive Media

Retail Packaging

European Release: This game was distributed in a regular CD jewel case with a golden CD-i impression on the top left front of the spine.

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