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Information Page: Micro Machines
Game TitlePublisherProducerDateGenreRequirementsCD-i Emulator Compatibility
Micro MachinesPhilips MediaCodemasters1995Racing-not tested

Game Cover
Catalogue Numbers:
8100295 (European)
Box Art:
European Front Cover
European Back Cover
European Picture CD
Movie Clip:
CD-online Promotion
Relevant Articles & Interviews:
Interview with Ashley Hogg
Game Facts: Conversion of the miniature toy car racer Micro Machines which appeared across many console platforms of the time. The front cover of this game featured a tag across the top revealing this release as an "Exclusive Edition". Possibly due to the inclusion of a 3D sequence showing a view behind the cars animating into a top down angle leading into the game itself. It's presumed this feature was only available to the CD-i version making it an "Exclusive Edition"!

A fully playable demo of Micro Machines featuring three levels was included as a covermount on the UK edition of CDi Magazine Issue 14 October 1995. This preview version included the Sportscars, Power Buggys and Time Trial races.

Also taken from the disc itself besides the usual Abstract, Copyright and Bibliographic information the later featured a small line of text presumably from the programmer Ash Hogg who wrote the material declaring his fondness for one Kathryn Spencer. Did they ever hit it off? Fortunately Black Moon solved this mystery long held in CD-i folklore after a chance encounter with the games developer Ashley Hogg! We poped the question during an interview, checkout the Interview with Ashley Hogg for more.

From the Disc

Most CD-i Games have "Abstract", "Bibliographic" and "Copyright" details on the softwares disc itself, any interesting information in these files can be found below.

Abstract: "Micro Machines" - the hit 2-player racing game now on CDi. Developed by Codemasters, Published by Philips.


    Development team: Ash Hogg (code & audio), Brian Hartley (graphics), Gerard Gourley (audio), Altered Images (3D sequences)
    Management: Richard Darling (Codemasters), Steve Hayes (Philips), Sarah Scadgell (Philips), Julian Lynn-Evans (Philips)

Many Thanks to the following people for their efforts in connection with this project's development:

    at Codemasters: Tim Bartlett (helping with audio), Jason Walker (playtesting), Steve Holley (for pushing the final stages)
    at Philips ADS: Tim Page, Paul Reid, Dave Hawkins, Johnny Wood
    at Philips Hasselt: Richard van de Laarschot

I also would like to thank Kathryn Spencer for simply existing, and I guess I'd better tell her soon how much she means to me.

- Ash Hogg, 7 June 1995

Copyright: "Micro Machines" (C) Codemasters Software Co Ltd. Published by Philips Media Games


Micro Machines, Screen 1 Micro Machines, Screen 2 Micro Machines, Screen 3 Micro Machines, Screen 4 Micro Machines, Screen 5 Micro Machines, Screen 6 Micro Machines, Screen 7 Micro Machines, Screen 8 Micro Machines, Screen 9 Micro Machines, Screen 10 Micro Machines, Screen 11

Release Information & The Rumour Mill

European Release: This game was distributed in a regular CD jewel case with a golden CD-i impression on the top left front of the spine.

Micro Machines was a European exclusive release. Although it may well have been distributed in the USA, the packaging and contents was aimed squarely at the European market. This was the only game developed for CD-i by Codemasters although other conversions were rumoured little interest was shown in these projects following Micro Machines release.

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