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Information Page: Go
Game TitlePublisherProducerDateGenreRequirementsCD-i Emulator Compatibility
GoPhilips Media/OlderGamesCapDisc1992Strategy-not tested

Game Cover
Catalogue Numbers:
815 0054 (Italian)
Game Facts: "Go" was published as early as 1992 in the Italian region alone. It wasn't until 2002 on May 24th when an English regional translation was released by in a professional CD jewel case package. Duplicated from a prototype disc which was never published by Philips Media for reasons as yet unknown. "Go" is available from as "Go - Special Edition" following the relaunch at Classic Gaming EXPO 2002 for $9.99 excluding P+P. Support "The Black Moon Project" by selecting us from the "Sales Affiliate" drop down menu.

Prototype Status

This segment will catalogue any problems experienced by CD-i users with the prototype releases from It's not intended to scare people away from experiencing the great software are providing at a reasonable price. Although we do ask you to bear in mind that these prototype releases have not been through the compatibility testing stage at Philips Interactive Media Centre in Hasselt, Belgium as all eventual CD-i commercial software did. So their may well be some unforeseen problems or on the other hand it may work 100% perfectly, either way any problems will be reported here:
  • Sometimes performing an illegal move will crash the game.

Verdict: After extensive tests the above is the only problem encountered by the release of "Go". After you gain some experience of playing the game and its rules then it's avoidable, at $9.99 can you really question value for money?

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