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Information Page: Family Games 1
Game TitlePublisherProducerDateGenreRequirementsCD-i Emulator Compatibility
Family Games 1Philips MediaDIMA1995Games Compilation-not tested

Game Cover
Catalogue Numbers:
8100215 (European)
Box Art:
European Front Cover
European Back Cover
European Picture CD

From the Disc

Most CD-i Games have "Abstract", "Bibliographic" and "Copyright" details on the softwares disc itself, any interesting information in these files can be found below.

Abstract: DIMA Family Games I on CD-i

    Contains 10 simple games:

    Full Attack: Shoot 'm up
    Jokisen: Quest
    Where's That Sound: Sound memory game
    Skidkart: Small cars in a maze
    Captain Alphabet: Hangman
    Draw, Stamp and Color: Make drawings
    Superslide: Slide puzzle
    Morphon Invasion: Shoot 'm up, space invaders type
    Wizard: Pong
    Hot Rocks: 3D-Shoot 'm up, asteroids type

Bibliographic: DIMA Family Games 1 on CD-i. Implemented by the Dutch Interactive Media Associates.

Copyright: (C) Copyright 1994 Deimos B.V.

Retail Packaging

European Release: This game was distributed in a regular CD jewel case with a golden CD-i impression on the top left front of the spine.

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