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Information Page: Cluedo The Mysteries Continue
Game TitlePublisherProducerDateGenreRequirementsCD-i Emulator Compatibility
Cluedo The Mysteries ContinuePhilips Media3T Productions Ltd1995Full Motion Video AdventureDigital Video CartridgeNeeds DVC (not supported yet)

Game Cover
Catalogue Numbers:
310690644-2 (USA)
8191038 (European)
Box Art:
European Front Cover
European Back Cover
European Picture CD

From the Disc

Most CD-i Games have "Abstract", "Bibliographic" and "Copyright" details on the softwares disc itself, any interesting information in these files can be found below.

Abstract: Cluedo CD-i by 3T Productions Ltd 1995.

    Cluedo, known as Clue in the USA, is a popular board game with a murder mystery theme. The CD-i version makes full use of Digital Video to present the viewer with a challenging game. By interviewing real characters and using a process of deduction the viewers must play against each other to find the murderer, the murder weapon and the murder room, and correctly accuse the culprit.

Bibliographic: Cluedo disk 2 CD-i produced by:

    3T Productions Ltd.
    Chapel Studio,
    47-49 Waterloo Road,
    SK1 3BJ,

    Programmers: David Nolan, Paul Knibbs, David Barker.
    Graphics Artists: Russell Marsh, Simon Dagnall.
    Assistant Producer: Mike Bateman.
    Design: Martin Jones, Roberto Simi, Sheila Rodgers.
    Producer: Martin Jones.
    Executive Producer: Sheila Rodgers.

Copyright: Copyright 3T Productions Ltd. 1995. All rights of the producer and of the owner of this work are reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, renting, public performance, transmission and/or broadcasting are prohibited.

CD-i Emulator Compatibility: This section covers crucial details concerning performance of this specific game under emulation through CD-i Emulator. It will state the CD-i Player Rom used during the test, what version of CD-i Emulator was used, which program the Disc Image was created from, specifications of the test PC and also provide screenshots of the emulator in action. Also included is an account of the test and most importantly if the game is playable through CD-i Emulator. Rather than an exhaustive list of tests with various ROMS and different PC rigs it's hoped that this section gives some insight into the progress of CD-i Emulator. For the most recent updates to CD-i Emulator and compatibility it's suggested you visit the CD-i Emulator Homepage.

    CD-i Player ROM: CD-i 350
    CD-i Emulator Version: 0.5.2
    CD-i Disc Image created using: Golden Hawk Technology CDRWIN 4.0A

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional
    Processor (CPU): 3.2GHZ Intel Pentium 4 HT
    Memory: 2GIG
    Graphics Card: 256MB ATI 9800XT
    Graphics Depth: 32BIT
    Sound Card: Sound Blaster Platinum Audigy 2 ZS

Details of Tests: A screen is displayed informing you that this CD-i Player lacks Digital Video Capability. Looks like someone forgot DVC emulation!

No DVC Screen

Release Information & The Rumour Mill

European Release: This game was distributed in a regular CD jewel case with a golden CD-i impression on the top left front of the spine.

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