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Cheats and FAQs: The Apprentice
The Apprentice Cheat Codes

All Codes must be entered by holding down button 2 and moving the CD-i controller as indicated.

Title Screen

Level select: up, up, down, down, right, right, left, left
Space Invaders: up, right, down, left, up, down, left, right

Game Over Screen

Fatality: down, right, left, left
Animality 1: up, right, down, left
Animality 2: up, left, down, right
Nudality 1: right, right, down, left, up, up
Nudality 2: left, left, down, right, up, up
Nudality 3: right, left, right, left, down, up
Nudality 4: left, right, left, right, down, up
Nudality 5: down, down, right, up, up, left

These most be entered before Marvin stops walking otherwsie the normal panda animation starts.

The Apprentice cheats and FAQs for the Philips CD-i.
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